The evaluation criteria of articles of EEU Collection of Scientific Papers are the followings:

  • Compliance with the modern requirements to the scientific papers;
  • Actuality of the theme;
  • Argumentation;
  • Depth of Analyses, clarity of the text;
  • Relevance of conclusions with the results, goals and objectives;
  • Research novelty;
  • Text structure;
  • Academic citation style.

Review of scientific paper is carried by the qualified field specialists in accordance with the paper content and specifications on the basis of the following issues:

  • How is the theory and methodology reflected in the paper;
  • Does the author demonstrate the latest approaches to the problem;
  • How clear and linguistically correct is the text;
  • How logical is the interpretation;
  • At what level is the scientific contextualization of results and conclusions presented (scientific discussion - how does the elaboration of the problem posed in the article resonate with general scientific problems;
  • How relevant are the title, annotation and conclusions of the article.

Review form is available here: